From the Book....


  Sensation, in a dark place where time zones have no meaning.

‘I do not like this. It…. hurts’. The word fitted the sensation although it was only instinct that told her so. ‘I should not be able to feel this….. it is not possible….. and yet……..’ As realisation dawned, so the pain itself took second place to a smile of satisfaction. Thoughts coalesced, focussing and sharpening, ‘I know pain. I can feel.’

Eyes eased open. And a head turned, taking in shadowy surroundings and trying to make some sort sense of what those eyes were seeing. ‘I have a form, a shape. I am….. ‘, again it was instinct that gave her the word, ‘female. Yes, I am female.’ Her head continued to twist back and forth, up and down as her eyes took in the surroundings. Looking down and directing a thought she watched, intrigued as an arm turned and then kinked into a corner at the elbow bringing a forearm and the back of a hand into her view. Another moment of direction and the forearm rotated to reveal the palm of her hand. A ripple of sensation tingled up through the arm. She smiled more broadly. ‘That feels…. good.’ Her mouth opened and she tried to voice her thoughts aloud, but only a gasping wheezing hissing noise escaped. She tried again and slowly discovered that she could modulate the sound by changing the shape of her mouth and moving her tongue across the airflow. ‘Haaaa….. Hooooo….. Hissssss…… Esssss…. Emmmmm….. Ellll…’

The sensation of pain still nagged at her though, gnawing it’s way back to the fore in her psyche. Somewhere. Where? Behind her; she could feel a location. Her back. Yes, it was her back that was hurting; drawing and sapping her energy and concentration.

Rest. Time to rest.

Yes that felt right; that was a good thought. She needed more time, more rest.

From Chapter One

Grey. A world, uniformly grey.

Electra dropped to the ground, cushioning a gentle but very definite impact with a bend of her knees. Adrenalin rush; muscles tensed as she landed, her heart thumping and beads of perspiration welling up on her wrists, neck and across the top of her back. She straightened up, steadying herself and almost absentmindedly running her hands down the front of her legs as if checking for injury. She stopped in mid action, smiling to herself. No pain, no damage. Of course there was no damage. Why should there be? There never had been before and as far as she could tell, there never could be any danger of hurting herself when travelling like that. But nevertheless every time she did it, some base reflex kicked in and she would check herself over afterwards as if expecting to find something strained or broken in her body. Looking around, her blue eyes darting quickly left and right she tried to make sense of her new surroundings..........

Check around, nobody else in sight. Where’s Carmel? She said she’d be here. Calm down. Patience........

.........‘What kept you?’ demanded Carmel

‘Nothing really, I landed on the hill and couldn’t see you. It’s beautiful up there.’

‘Strange. Something wrong there; you should have materialised here, right alongside me. Wonder what happened?’

‘Anyway I’m here now.’ Electra dismissed the thought, turned another corner and caught side of her friend’s slim figure standing in front of the building. Carmel walked towards her; they met with a hug. ‘It’s good to see you.’

Carmel laughed. ‘Oh shut up and kiss me.’ The two women looked at each other for a second or two then sank into a long and passionate kiss. ‘Hmmmmm, I needed that’ she sighed. ‘Hmmm, yes, it’s good to see you. But it’s even better to feel you against me.’ she added softly and quietly.

‘Yesss…’ Whispered Electra. They kissed again.

‘So what’s here?’ asked Electra as they finally broke the embrace and stood side by side facing the entrance of the building. ‘And what is that you’re wearing?’

‘I think it’s cool, don’t you?’ laughed Carmel. ‘Sort of bondagy. Found it in a new shop over in PinkMall.’ Electra stepped back a couple of paces to take in Carmel’s new costume. Black leather panels that hugged the curves of her figure, and buckles, myriad buckles and straps keeping the whole ensemble in place on her body. Ultimately, more of her skin was showing between the straps than was actually covered by the leather.

‘Hmm,’ she smiled, ‘it’s fun. Bet you wouldn’t wear that at home though.’.......

........‘Sometimes things are not exactly quite what they seem.’ Jonathan whispered the words aloud to himself as he clicked ‘Quit’, waiting for the programme to shut down and for the desktop to reappear.......

.......... When he engaged with the Virtual World of Tertius like that he felt almost as if he was stepping outside of real life. For an hour or two, he actually became Electra in his thoughts, actions and feelings. Yes, that had felt good.

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Images of Tertius?

I do not intend to show any images of my ideas of what the characters in my book may look like. One of the joys of reading for me is to form my own visual ideas of each character and setting. It will probably be different to your idea. We all read and visualise in our own way. Until somebody else shows you a picture and transforms your idea into their idea whether you like it or not.

I defy anybody who has seen the films to pick up 'The Lord of the Rings' and read it without visualising Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen and so on, in their roles as you read.

So, I'll settle for a Real World place here. A mystical sunset at Pendeen Watch in Cornwall, England. The setting for Chapter 6 in my book.