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Tertius nce upon a time there were two young computer nerds from Northern California who befriended a like minded Korean student whilst they were undergraduates at Stanford University. They put their heads together and came up with Tertius, an idea that became a product that became popular that made them a fortune.

But around every silver lining there lurks a cloud and what many saw simply as entertainment and some saw as a way to earn a living, others saw as an opportunity to pervert and exploit to their own ends.

However this particular silver lining also nurtured a secret. Deep within lay a seed that germinated, grew and flourished, much to the surprise of all who encountered it…..

Electra looked out, making contact and engaging with Jonathan. 'I don't believe it. Did he really just start this off with "Once upon a time"?' she demanded.

'Looks like it. He told me that he always wanted to start a story with those words.'
'Bloody hell. What right does he think he has. It's our story, not his. Me, you, Jennifer, Orestes, Kapa, Dubois, all those other guys and,' she hesitated a second, 'Harriet.'

'What about Tertius?'

'Yes.' she laughed. 'Of course Tertius. Most of all Tertius. After all, If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't still be here. Anyway, like I said, it's our story, not his.'

'He is the author.'

'So what? That doesn't bestow any God given rights on him. He'll be wanting to end it with, "Happily ever after" next.'

Jonathan fixed Electra with his eyes, trying to determine just how serious she was being. No, couldn't make his mind up. 'I doubt he'll do that.' he concluded. 'After all we don't even know if there is an ever after.'

Introducing my new novel, The Awakening of Tertius.

It's boy meets girl and girl meets boy. With the twist that this time around one of the boys is also one of the girls and the other girl is also the other boy.

It's smart young Oxford graduate attempting to redress the perceived injustices of their life by recruiting associates and becoming a master criminal. With the twist that this time around, all three members of the gang are actually the same person.

A story of Life, Evolution, Crime, a little Fantasy and most certainly, Love.

Read the book. Enjoy it. That's what books like this are for. And if it makes you think a bit. Well accept that as a bonus.


Evolving Life?

Introducing my new novel. Essentially, The Awakening of Tertius is a story about evolution. In life and of life. A story of beginnings and endings and the misty and indeterminate boundaries that separate one from the other....

Artificial life or perhaps more usefully, artificial intelligence. Much has been written and researched. Perhaps even more has been speculated about the prospect of such a development in recent years.

From ‘it’s impossible’ to ‘it’s inevitable’, you can take your pick from the myriad experts and believe whatever you wish on the subject.

For my part, I suspect that if or when some form of non human intelligence develops on our planet, that it’s origin and evolution will surprise all of us. But then, I’m no expert.

The Awakening of Tertius is my own first take on this idea. It may not be the last we hear from Tertius. It will be interesting to see how the citizens of this New World fare in the future.....

My new novel! Now Available!