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Introducing my new novel, Walking Through Windows.

Alchemy and Eternal Life

Much of the underpining narrative of my novel is taken from the diaries of Lorenzo da Peccioli. During the period 1485 until 1497 he worked as assistant to the highly esteemed Alchemist, Giovanni Montesano in Florence. Then he vanished from this earth. But he lived on and until his materials were exhausted, he continued to try, as best he could, to chronicle the passing days and years.

Two years after the time when the novel ends, an expedition set out to try to find what had happened to him. The page below is from the notebooks and diaries they discovered.


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Walking Through Windows

The actions of the people who lived before have shaped and formed the lives we life today. Sometimes they achieve that in ways that nobody could possibly have predicted.

In 1489 Giovanni and Lorenzo discover the entry to an impossible place. Can anybody find their way out again?

This is a tale of Alchemy and discovery in Renaissance Florence. Of banditry and murder in 19th century Maryland and Georgia and of opportunism in 21st century America, England and Italy.

It's a tale of love. The love that Lorenzo carries for his beloved Maddalena for over 500 years and the improbable love between Alyson, born in Maryland, USA in 1870 and Alexander, born in England in the 1990s.

A tale of mystery and curiosity. What is this impossible place? How will it affect the lives of those trapped by its grip? How might it ultimately impact the future of every last person on the planet?

A tale of Discovery, of Loss and, Discovery

Read the book. Enjoy it. That's what books like this are for. And if it makes you think a bit. Well accept that as a bonus.