Steven Berryman

steven_berrymanIntroducing.... myself. Author of this book.

What to say? After all, the interesting bit is the story of Walking Through Windows. I mean that's really why you're here isn't it?

So, I live with my wife Christiane on an island in Greece. I write. Sometimes I create paintings and sculpture. That's it really. Oh yes, sometimes in the summer I go to the beach. There you are. My life!

Would that it could be that simple. But if it were then I probably wouldn't have the drive to do all the writing. Walking Through Windows is my second completed novel, following on the back of my first novel, The Awakening of Tertius, several short stories and sundry part completed works that could yet reach a conclusion and find their way out into the world.

I grew up in the far West of England with my imagination fired by a steady diet of Robert A Heinlein and Tolkien novels. Aftercollege, I moved north and for many years I lived just a few kilometres from Alexander's 'home' in the book. I studied Art at college and worked for many years in the English Midlands doing Book Illustration, Graphic Design and Copyrighting before settling in Greece sometime late in the last century.

Illustrator? Sculptor? Writer? To be honest in many ways I see all three as simply different manifestations of the same process. Although having said that, I never feel alone when I am writing; I always have the characters in the book for company, even if they don't always do as I expect or ask them to. Frequently whilst writing this novel I found different characters turning and twisting the events I had in mind and skewing the story off into new directions. Sometimes I made an executive decision and pulled them back on line. Often I let them run and more than one plot twist developed like this. At least one such twist completely surprised even me... I mean I had no idea what that character had been up to until the words appeared on the page. So, who is in control? The writer or the characters?

I love the speculative world that gets categorized as 'Fantasy', where I can explore and push ideas beyond expected boundaries. It's in those boundaries between the known and the unknown where the many of the most interesting things occur.

Writing. It is a fascinating process.

More of This Story?


At the end of the novel one of the characters, Simona, proposed making an expedition back to the hidden world of Lorenzo da Peccioli.
We know that that expedition took place. after all, that's where the text on the Homepage of this Website came from.
Is there a story worth telling there? Who knows? Hopefully I can arrange to catch up with Simona or Alexander sometime soon to get the details