feedback_theatreIn_the Beginning h yes, I love feedback.

Think of me as the lone figure standing out there in the middle of the stage in the ancient Greek theatre of Epidaurus waiting for you to fill the seats and let me know what you think of my book and of the ideas I eplore with Alyson and Alexander.

I am happy to field any questions about my book, although bear in mind that in the end, the characters will decide for themselves what they get up to in the future.

You can reach me by email here.

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More of This Story?


At the end of the novel one of the characters, Simona, proposed making an expedition back to the hidden world of Lorenzo da Peccioli.
We know that that expedition took place. after all, that's where the text on the Homepage of this Website came from.
Is there a story worth telling there? Who knows? Hopefully I can arrange to catch up with Simona or Alexander sometime soon to get the details