feedback_theatreIn_the Beginning h yes, I love feedback.

Think of me as the lone figure standing out there in the middle of the stage in the ancient Greek theatre of Epidaurus waiting for you to fill the seats and let me know what you think of my book and of Tertius.

I am happy to field any questions about Tertius although bear in mind that in the end, the characters will decide for themselves what they get up to in the future.

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More of Tertius?


I've already been asked about what happens to the protagonists of this book after the end of this story. Not so much the human characters, although some of them will undoubtedly have interesting chapters to recount in the future.
What I'd really like to know is just how the citizens of Tertius itself will fare. The growing pains of any new nation can be difficult enough without the added complications of the unique status of Tertius.
Will they achieve Elliot and Steve's dream of Utopia? Perhaps Julianus will lead a coup d'etat. Or maybe the State of California will attempt to annex the New World. And what of Electra?

To be honest. Right now, I don't know the answers to any of that. But I'd like to and there's only one way I'm going to find out.